Client Testimonials

We will be with you every step of the way:

“I really enjoyed my sessions and was always excited to receive my weekly sessions. It helped me to identify areas within myself that I had know idea of (rooted deep). The daily affirmation gave me strength and motivation,  especially on the days I didn’t feel like moving forward. Coach Smoot has a big heart, love, and so much patience for her clients and she will answer and return calls even if she has to pull over on side of the road to talk. I have finished my sessions but I’m thinking about going another round.                     

Thank You. “- Author of  Life

Your goals are our goals:

“Sometimes those one on one sessions had me teary eyed because of how in depth the conversations were getting but it helped me realize what I needed to do and what I was doing wrong. Kinda like my own personal therapist and I loved it! I needed something to make me dig deep! The weekly check ups helped me become more accountable of my actions and help me to stay on top of my goals! Accountability and procrastination were my weak points and through Brave Chance I was able to tackle it in  a few weeks. I would highly recommend Brave Chance Consulting and you’ll definitely get what you pay for and more!” -Bioncia Rilley

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